Managed Hosting

Included is the operation and ongoing care of your website, as well as the maintenance of your internet presence in the cloud and in Germany.

Operation and mainenance of your websites


The managed hosting includes the following services: 

Website Hosting

  • sufficient webspace
  • unlimited traffic
  • MySQL DB
  • AISware Cloud CMS managed* application
  • maintenance and care of the website
  • daily back-ups of the website and emails
  • monitoring of the system

*Updates to the AISware application and of the system components (OS, database system etc.) are included.     

Website care and maintenance

The managed hosting includes the care and maintenance of the website.

And a personal contact person at customer support.


Backups are carried out once a day and are kept for 30 days.


All web services are constantly monitored so that in the event of disruption, we can respond quickly to the problem and ensure as little interruption to service as possible.


Add-on services for the managing hosting:

  • Email service
  • DNS service


Email service

  • 10 GByte email storage
  • 10 email addresses (mailboxes)
  • Anti-spam/anti-virus included
  • WebMail service
  • Email service and administration with Plesk

DNS service

  • Re-registration of domain names
  • Registration of domain names
  • Inclusive one .de domain name
  • Optional: additional domain names


The websites and the services run on servers in German data centres.

The servers are connected to the internet backbone via multiple GByte lines. 

The data centres are secured against disruptions and outages. 

The server data are secured threefold and daily backups are carried out in remote data centres.