Web Design

When designing a contemporary website, it's not only about your website looking good or stylish, it's also a matter on making sure it performs the following functions:

  • GOOD WEB DESIGN Your users should be able to find whatever they are looking for easily. Keep your website free of clutter.
  • RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN Your website should automatically adapt to fit the size of different devices or screens.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOBILES The design of a website that is appropriate for mobile phone use and makes optimum use of the small screen size wihile ensuring the text is easy to read.
  • SEO OPTIMISED WEBSITE Your website is designed and optimised for search engines. The individual pages of your websites are thus easy to find and to index.
  • FAST PAGE LOADING A good website loads quickly so that the content appears on the visitor's screen as fast as possible.
  • SECURE & GDPR (DSVGO) COMPLIANT Protected against hacker attacks such as DDOS attacks or ransomware attacks that block access. In addition your website complies with the latest GDPR.


Everything a good website needs

Do you want a new website, or redesign an existing website or just give it a facelift? We can do this for you.

Every good website is based on a well thought out concept aimed at the target group, regardless of whether the format is a single page website or a multipage site.

We will take over the project management for you from the concept to the implementation and through to the hosting of your website.

Talk to us and tell us your vision is. We'll help you achieve it.


When designing your website, there are different approaches to be taken into consideration that depend on your budget and your requirements.

  • If you want an individual website tailored to your individual requirements and wishes, then together with experienced graphic designers we will be delighted to help you design and set up a stylish, eye-catching website that is unique to you and perfectly aligns with your goals.  
  • If you find that website templates (Wordpress) suit you, we can incorporate any (Wordpress) template in the AISware CMS. 
  • One of the main providers of website templates is Evanto Market/Themeforest 
  • Depending on the requirements, the website can be set up as a multipage site or as a single page site, or can even be created as a combination of both.

Designing individual websites

This gives you the freedom to give free rein to your ideas and to design your new website to be everything you want it to be.  

In collaboration with experienced graphic and website designers, we will design or create your new website. 

Website templates

There are many website templates available from which you can choose the one that meets your criteria. You can even use Wordpress templates as the basis for your new website.

Wordpress is the most extensively used CMS system. However, due to it being so widely deployed, the "open source" Wordpress CMS has a disadvantage in that it attracts hackers. As a result, hackers are forever finding "errors" in the system, which means that particular care has to be taken to ensure that the system is always kept up-to-date and is running the latest version. 

If you want a Wordpress website template, or find one that particularly appeals to you, we can incorporate any template in the AISware CMS system. 




Content is important to present your business professionally for several reasons: 

  • The style of language and the content itself should speak to your target group.
  • For the content to be easy to read, it should have simply written texts and professional images.
  • Content is also decisive in achieving a good position with the search engines, such as Google. 

For great content we turn to the specialists.


Texts should address your customers directly and speak their language.

To give your texts the ultimate polish, both for easy readability and for a good position in Google, they must be formulated correctly.

The texts will be automatically adjusted to suit the size of the device being used (responsiveness), to ensure that as far as possible they can be read on any device. 

To get your text right, we work with professional copywriters.


Images and photos on your website strengthen your image and how others see you.

Our recommendation: 

  • Pay attention to the quality
  • It is better to use your own images rather than photos from web portals.

 To get the right images, we have professional photographers at our service.

Search engines

Search machines can handle text best, which is why it is so important to write your texts in a way that is appropriate for search engines.

In addition, texts use up hardly any bandwidth for transmission to the end customer, so webpages with few images but a lot of text are very quickly loaded and thus just as quickly displayed. Search engines reward this with a better ranking in the search results, although of course many other factors also play a role in the ranking. 

To ensure the best results, we  have professional SEO optimisers at our service.


Professional translations into English.

Other languages upon request.

SEO - search machine optimisation

Website set up technically in such a way that it can be easily indexed by the Google search engine.


Online marketing

Marketing via online media.